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The Lawrence College The concept of public school aims to develop the leadership quality in the students and to produce men of such rare talent that may be able to assume the leadership position in a nation. Lawrence College Ghora Gali is such an educational institution establish in Indo-Pak Subcontinent in the memory of Sir Henry Lawrence in 1860. Lawrence College was built in the scenic foothills of the Himalayas, on one of the spurs of Murree Hills at 6,398 feet, amidst a thick pine forest, about 2 1/2 km. from Murree, latitude N.33.53", longitude E.73.24 1/2". The climate of the place is excellent. In summer the temperature may reach up to the (90's) Fahrenheit. The monsoons season lasts for about eight weeks from july to august. The annual rain fall is a little above 50 inches. During the winters, there is heavy snow, and the college is closed from december untill the first of march. Lawrence College has a rich and long history, both before and after independence in 1947. The challenge and change from generation to generation of the Gallians henceforth is to sustain these historical roots, resiliently and tenaciously, into the future ad-infinitum. The most important tradition of the institution is live up to the motto of the college , "Never Give in."